Creative Coffee

When I met a friend for coffee the other day, instead of the usual chat, he pulled out a note pad followed by a cylindrical 1980’s Pepsi vinyl pencil case from his rucksack and said “draw something”. Being put on the spot like this can curtail my creative juices somewhat but my fears evaporated as soon as I unzipped the pencil case revealing at least twenty Copic marker pens.

The rounded square profile pens with a fine and wide felt nib labeled with exciting names like “lightning yellow” and “stratospheric blue” I felt like a greedy toddler who wanted to snatch the best toys…. for keeps!

Nostalgia for long lazy days drawing as a young teenager or pure excitement from the array of magical colours displayed in front of me I am not sure but I did visit my local art & graphics store on the way home that day…. only to discover they are quite difficult to get hold of probably fueling my desire even further!

So what’s your favourite colour in the Copic range?


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