Tribal Tangerine …with Wet Clay

So, tangerine is the “hottest” colour for 2011. Chunks of blocky colour are boldly strutting down catwalks with interiors in hot pursuit. Often spotted with magenta for a brash “go get it” approach to life but leaving room for a slice of pistachio to squeeze in.

Ok, so it’s probably accessories or soft furnishing we will see in these punchy hues and the interior version is slightly more scorched and tribal than the catwalk colours but they do look great against a wall painted in a warm wet clay which anchors the colours and stabilizes the rather jumpy palette.


2 thoughts on “Tribal Tangerine …with Wet Clay

  1. I like the idea of tangerine in interiors, esp in Scotland – a punch of much needed colour to motivate us and shake us from our long gray winter. Felt tangerine pillows with a gray sofa – Hell yeah! Not sure about squeezing in other colours though. Too challenging in unskilled hands…


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