A Nutritious Colour Palette

We all strive to eat a balanced diet, but did you know our bodies also crave a balanced colour palette?

In a room which is predominantly green your brain will feel unbalanced and will begin to compensate for the green bombardment by creating an after image of red (green’s complimentary colour). White surfaces in the green room will begin to appear tinged with red.

In fact, your brain constantly works to create a colour harmony for you. This is why well balanced rooms feel more relaxing to be in because the brain has less work to do.

Edith Anderson Feisner in her book “How to use Colour in Art and Design” cites an interesting example of this effect. A cosmetics company refurbished their showroom with an all- white fresh and lab-like interior. However, instead of the new interior  energising the staff,  absenteeism became an issue. As the main colour of the products (lipsticks and blushers) were a red hue, when the staff, spend long periods of time looking at the products, and then looked up at the walls or each others faces, everything they saw had a green tinge. Realising what was wrong, they redecorated in a blue-green teal and the problem was solved.

However, stare at grey for a significant time and the brain remains perfectly happy. No after image is created. This is because grey is formed by mixing two equal value complimentary colours together (red and green), in other words, the colour grey is a perfect harmony and therefore your brain can relax.

Many people have asked me to name a perfect grey paint for them to use in their interior. Well I have an easy way for you to discover this for yourself. In my next post I will show you how to mix a grey that will sit comfortably with every other colour in the spectrum and is a perfectly balanced “nutritious” grey.








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