A Zesty Palette

If you are colour obsessed, you will already know that it can  be a fairly exhausting attribute. Gone are the days where you can take a walk with barely a thought in your head. You will be unable to stop yourself from constantly analysing colours and you will be calculating how much green is in the yellow of a petal you just spotted. Sound familiar?

Well today, Scotland has woken up to the most glorious sunshine and I intend to get out and catch some photos showing some interesting colours but first I must tell you when I was chopping some lemons for breakfast, I couldn’t help but notice the discarded net on the dining table made a great zesty colour palette…..

Now, if you have ever wondered how to pick a set of interior colours that are all tonally compatible, lookout for my next post where I will be looking at a very easy way of achieving exactly that.

2 thoughts on “A Zesty Palette

    • Haha! Well spotted, only a food writer would ask this…well no sordid G&T scene I’m afraid but a turbo charged juice to kick off my day – 2 carrots, 1 orange, half apple, chunk ginger, quarter lemon all juiced and stirred with a celery stick….and guess what, I had a very productive day. However, my juice is not quite as buzzy as your incredible beetroot juice recipe which you must share with your readers soon!


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