A Collision of Red and Blue

I couldn’t resist buying these crazy little turnips today because they look like someone has sprayed Pantone 16-3520 (aka African Violet) ink at them.

A hue that looks oddly synthetic with “parentage” stemming from both the hot (red) and cold (blue) ends of the spectrum, this form of purple can be difficult to work with.

However, knock some sense into this violent colour with the introduction of  a slab of grey plus a small slice of khaki and you will discover that our purple is instantly anchored and kept right under control by its sensible guards.

2 thoughts on “A Collision of Red and Blue

    • Thanks Caitlin, great to be encouraged by a fellow colour lover. As you will know, once you start thinking about colour you see palettes wherever you go, even in the most surprising places 🙂


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