Blue Horizon

Having spent the last two days walking round Scotland’s North East Fife Coast I am now flicking through my rather enormous collection of photographs from the trip and clearly see why analogous colour schemes are often referred to as harmonious.

Analogous palettes normally consist of three adjacent colours on the colour wheel. The middle colour is chosen as the lead or dominant colour in a scheme while the others take on more of a supporting role.

If you look at combinations of colours in nature, particularly landscapes, you will notice they are frequently analogous which is why they look and feel harmonious to us – useful to know if you want to create a calm and serene room with little contrast and a seamless feel. It’s also a good way of simplifying an awkwardly shaped room.

6 thoughts on “Blue Horizon

  1. Yes, I agree smoothly soothing. I’m beach colours in Summer and forest colours in Winter. Easter Ross in Scotland is great as the forests almost reach the sea so best of both worlds!


  2. That is a beautiful bit of coast for walking, especially the St Andrews to Crail section. Selfishly, I am happy that it is not too heavily used – the serenity and harmony can be fully enjoyed. But the Crail to Elie section is a delight also with the harmonious blending of the architecture of traditional fishing villages and the colourful boats that are still present. Not, perhaps, analagous colours but still very pleasing to the eye.


  3. Good point, the addition of the colourful fishing boats certainly introduced some great contrasting colours and I agree also very pleasing to the eye. I feel another post coming on….


  4. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get here, but I think I’m hooked on your blog now that it’s finally happened 🙂 Have just read the posts of the home page and I’ve had my eyes opened to a new world of colour. Absolutely love it!


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