Flash, Aquaman and Batman, We Love Your Colours

If you are looking for a source of inspiration for decorating your kids bedroom, the United States Postal Service may not be the most obvious choice.

However, in 2006, they issued a set of postage stamps commemorating DC Comics super heroes. Paul Levitz President of DC Comics points out that the 1940’s comic book heroes were our personal friends. It was an era when “their battles were our battles. When their victories made us cheer and their defeats made us sad. When their values helped strengthen our own understanding of right and wrong”

The illustrators chose a highly saturated palette, often primaries, and certainly as bold as the characters themselves. However, be careful not to use too much of a good thing – just frame up some pages from a comic book to hang on the wall or paint some storage units using several of the colours or introduce some large cushions (the trick here is to let the colours “dance” off each other so incorporate at least five but in fairly small quantities). It’s certainly a palette to remember and one ready for battles to commence……

2 thoughts on “Flash, Aquaman and Batman, We Love Your Colours

  1. I was always fascinated by superheroes since I was a child. Now my son does the same. And one thing we like about them are the fantastic colors of their costumes. You’re very right , this is great idea accent for a room. Makes it interesting. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for that and have you noticed that the majority of heroes costumes are in primary colours eg blue yellow, red (Aquaman an exception) and villains are often in secondary colours eg green , orange, purple. I wonder if that was an intentional choice by the illustrators to make heroes stronger looking?


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