Two Summer Colours to Keep

As I sit here at 55 latitude, I have to report that summer has definitely vanished. The shops are filling up with heavy textiles and the colour palettes are rapidly changing.

However, it is still August, so I thought I would pin up some summery palettes and interestingly each image contains one colour that is going to hang on well into Winter 2011.

Sulphurous yellow is likely to be a key micro colour this winter. Used for details to lift a moody room, or on the catwalk to make fun of  grown up tailoring, its presence even on very small areas will be felt.

Inky midnight blue is another colour I think we will see but this time on larger areas. Not a conventional navy, more a bruised navy heading towards off-black. A great backdrop for artwork and a colour that can easily add sophisticated drama to an interior. Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue fits the bill but if you are looking for less saturation, Paint & Paper Library’s Blue Blood is a stylish “easy on the eyes” blue. Little Greene’s Juniper Ash  a hazy airforce blue-grey  would be a softer choice while Valtti “St.Peter’s Boat” a powerful blue-black would create an interesting feature wall.

Put the two colours together and you have a great combination – perhaps it’s not so bad we are marching towards Autumn……

14 thoughts on “Two Summer Colours to Keep

  1. Ah, thanks Betsy, really lovely to get nice feedback like that – means a lot, thank you. Well our summer didn’t really start at all so we will have to ‘think” warm instead! Glad you are catching some good weather, enjoy.


  2. I love the blues, have just come back from Cornwall were I visited the Porthmeor artist studios, all the doors are painted blue a very similar colour to the Juniper Ash. And the sulphorous yellow is very similar colour to some plants I saw growing on a slate grey wall near the beach.


  3. Love the sulphurous yellow, which is a surprise to me, but I like it with the Juniper Ash (or whichever made it onto your palette).And I don’t mind that it is so autumnal here in Scotland: summer is usually such a let down but autumn doesn’t disappoint. Look forward to your posts!


    • Thanks Kellie! Well today I am moving on to a turmeric inspired palette since my fingers and everything I have recently touched has turned a magnificent earthy yellow after peeling the fresh turmeric roots! I look forward to your Autumnal recipes appearing on your blog. 🙂


  4. Oh! PS Thanks so much for featuring me on your blogroll – too kind! I need to get round to doing one, on which you will of course feature. Cross-pollination of subjects is good…. Well, we both are into colour, just with differing professional manifestations.


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