Inspired by the Mundane

I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible and take some “alternative” routes around Edinburgh – not the scenic routes but the ordinary, slightly ugly nondescript routes and I have become transfixed by the amount of paint on surfaces around the pavement. It may sound an odd thing to be thinking about but if you look closely at the shapes and colour of some of the markings even ultra familiar routes can become new and interesting. This is what I saw.

6 thoughts on “Inspired by the Mundane

  1. Thanks Betsy, as a jeweller I know you will look at things in great detail too – it can take a while walking from A to B sometimes can’t it! By the way I love your Project Runway brooch, stunning.


  2. Sometimes what other people see as ugly turned out to be beautiful and interesting as proven by your photos. You see things with an artist’s eye. Sometimes when I go home early in the morning as the Sun starts to rise, I see a beautiful painting in the sky unfolding. Sometimes, I can’t help but say, ” wow!” There’s beauty all around us, we just have to look at them the way you do. Stay blessed and thanks for the recent comment. Hope you daughter liked the post.


    • What a lovely comment, thank you 🙂
      I have boys actually and they both look at things with a good eye which I am delighted about and yes, they really understood your post and I am sure will remember it in future, thank you.


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