Sand, Grasses and a Golf Resort

I’ve spoken many times about seeking inspiration from natural environments and how we tend to have a natural affinity to either the deep earthy colours of forests, or the subtle washed- out colours of beaches or punchy man-made colours of an industrial landscape. Well, as I spend a lot of time collecting colour references from beaches around Scotland I was particularly keen to see the film You’ve Been Trumped which documents the process that led to a golf resort being built on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on the Menie Estate just North of Aberdeen.

The resort which is currently under construction has been developed on an extensive natural dune system, home to numerous birds, deer and marram grass and home to several local families whose homes are under threat of Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

The film which was part of Edinburgh’s Take One Film Festival speaks for itself and I will not attempt to wade into any arguments for or against the resort but I would urge you to look out for the film and make your own mind up about the development.

I would also urge you to look out for the beautiful song inspired by the film, “Cover Your Eyes” that singer and song writer Karine Polwart composed and performed with her brother Steven at the opening of the film in Edinburgh’s Filmhouse.

The film is directed by Anthony Baxter .

13 thoughts on “Sand, Grasses and a Golf Resort

  1. That sounds like a film all Scots should see. And anyone who is concerned about big money ‘trumping’ scientific, environmental & local concerns. No one – no matter how much money they may bring – should be allowed to bulldoze their way through somewhere as beautiful and unspoiled as the Menie Estate. I’m sure it is a unique area that will be lost forever. So sad. Thanks for highlighting to film, and for the gorgeous images.


  2. Thanks Kellie and yes, it’s a film we should all be told to sit down and watch no matter what side one is on. “The law protects the interest features of SSSIs from development, from other damage, and (since 2000) also from neglect” ….the effect of this is to prevent development which harms the interest—except where the value of that interest is over-ridden by some more important factor”. Interesting.


  3. This is sad, I have seen a short trailer for the film on youtube and it looks such a beautiful place. I assumed that if an area was of scientific interest that it would be protected from any development, obviously this is not the case. Your photographs are beautiful too, very atmospheric, really interesting post.


  4. Thanks for that and I hope you see the whole film at some point – it took my breath away. Ironically the film has not been screened widely in Scotland but has had a lot of attention around the world.A real eye opener.


  5. This is something we should all watch. The environment is endangered as it is and to destroy a natural habitat for the gain of a few rich people is unforgivable. I believe this is also happening in other parts of the world particularly where greed and corruption predominates. Thanks for making a post that speaks for those who can’t.


  6. Thank you for reading the post and I agree we must be so careful with what remains of our untouched planet – I thought that was why we had SSSI’s in place to protect such places. It’s heartening though to receive comments like yours from far and wide. Thanks again.


  7. I’m surprised the resort was allowed to be built on a natural dune system. Something like that wouldn’t fly here in Canada. Dunes on our east coast are eroding and everything is being done to protect them. There’s also a little coastal bird called a plover that’s in danger, and they’re being protected too. It makes me so angry that people keep building and building on every piece of untouched land they can get their hands on.

    On a happier note, I’m want to let you know that Jackson is back home, safe & sound (except for the after effects of eating a porcupine!) We don’t know how he did it, but he found his way home and arrived on our front porch at 4:30 Tuesday morning 🙂


  8. Thanks for that Kelly. That’s good that Canada is making such a good stance on it’s environment. Interestingly the “Youve Been Trumped” film has been screened over in Canada to packed and incredulous audiences whereas here its been difficult to get it screened.
    Fantastic that your dog is safe, phew!


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