Relish the Red

Ok, so my posts are always colour related and almost always connected with interiors but for today only, I am a food blog……only because I was inspired by the colour red.

Very often I will pick up and buy food because I am attracted either by the colour or by the packaging, see net study and clementine wrapper post. Well this week how could I walk past these ruby red jewels?

After reading about the extraordinary health benefits from eating cranberries, I set about making a raw relish. I think it would be a lovely fresh twist on the normal sugar laden cranberry sauce we eat at Christmas time.

I simply piled the following ingredients in a food processor and pulsed for about a minute;

2 cups of fresh cranberries, half an onion, a handful of fresh flat- leaf parsley, juice of one orange, a tablespoon of black currant & rosemary vinegar (I bought  Womersley vinegar because I love the artwork on the label and their vinegars are sublime), 4 fat medjool dates, 2 tablespoons of pomegranate syrup (I used Al-Rabih, Melasse de grenades). That’s it.

Back to normal with my next post – I shall leave food and health blogging to the experts – Kellie’s recipes on Food to Glow are always delicious and her knowledge of what’s good for you is amazing. But meanwhile, if you make this, I’m sure you will enjoy the vibrant green parsley stalks alongside the ruby red cranberries…..well I did.

8 thoughts on “Relish the Red

  1. The fusion of reds and greens with the rest of the colors were festive. It reminded me that Thanksgiving is here and soon the happy days of Christmas. I bet the cranberries inspired food tasted so delicious. Beautiful photos. The first one is so red and made me think of love and hearts….Have a great weekend.


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