Connected, Globally, Locally and by the World’s Favourite Colour, Blue

I’ve been unplugged. Computer off, no blogging, no commenting, no texting. Effectively, I have been back in time. I’ve even tried to use cash rather than cards and it has been interesting. It was a conscious decision, a choice I made.

Why, you may well ask?

Unison pastel, hand rolled in Northumberland National Park

I was worried about the number of small shops closing down, shops who can’t compete with the internet. So I set myself a challenge of buying all my Christmas presents from a shop/fair/market/gallery rather than on line and only buying presents which are made in Britain. And guess what? Its easy and extremely enjoyable.

I love the internet, but its ease of use can sometimes let me forget what’s on my doorstep. I have some fantastic cyber friends – a journalist, Caitlin Broadside blog, Sandra, an artist  The Colour of Ideas, Elizabeth, a colour consultant EB Color Consultants, Betsy a jeweller betsy bensen jewellery , Claire, a poet and seamstress Make Me a Frock  all unbelievably talented people who genuinely inspire me whom I would never have met without the internet. However, I don’t want to forget about my friends around the block, none of which are bloggers – apart from Kellie at Food to Glow who writes a staggeringly informative and delicious food blog.

The internet also brings me work. I’ve just finished some photographic work for AGI magazine to illustrate an article on ultramarine written by art historian Alexandra Loske, an interesting academic who I connected with in cyberspace. I think I just want to make sure both worlds, cyber and tangible and more equally weighted.

And now to colour. I guess you know that the worlds favourite colour is blue?

It’s hardly a surprise considering three quarters of our planet is covered in sea and we look up to a seemingly endless blue sky (occasionally). From this perhaps we can deduce that we like familiarity. But familiarity is not what you get on the internet. For me, its the constantly new, unseen, unfamiliar images and snips of pristine information that draw my attention. That’s all good and I am quite sure we are all super- informed beings but I just want to make sure I don’t loose track of familiar things, local places, local friends, my micro world that needs supported more than the web machine which seems to generate its own immense energy. I needed to spend more time in the familiar world and its been a nice coincidence that I have been working with that wonderfully familiar colour blue.
I have also decided to take part in my first ever Craft Fair. I will have a stand at Market Tree Events Fair this Saturday 10th November in Cafe Camino just next to John Lewis. I am really looking forward to meeting the people who buy my designs as I never normally get the chance to meet them in person.
So here’s to staying connected in our parallel worlds, local and global both working successfully and all connected by the worlds favourite colour, blue.

19 thoughts on “Connected, Globally, Locally and by the World’s Favourite Colour, Blue

    • Oh, thank you Benedikte, that is so kind and yes, its one of my designs I created while in Iceland earlier this year. I fell in love with the frozen plants growing next to Tjornin the ‘Pond”‘ in the centre of Reykjavik 🙂 It is screen printed on to linen union.


  1. Ah, so that’s where you’ve been! Ha ha. I’m glad to hear that you feel reconnected with the world, and seem to have found a balance that most of us can only envy, it being all too easy to get completely sucked into the cyber side of things. I too am trying to be as local as possible, but I do feel drawn to pouring out my heart and ego once or twice a week on my blog (which you kindly bigged up – thank you). And blogging has opened up so many opportunities to meet so many wonderful like-minded people and experience things I would otherwise have missed out on. I must click on the folks you have mentioned because, if you like them, I am sure to as well. There I go being all cyber again…Once I get my flu shot (see, I’m getting old!) I will come see you at the craft fair. What are the hours? Btw, I was in Red Door and saw folk ogling your mugs!


    • Ooh, thanks Kellie! The Fair is 10-4pm on Saturday, it would be great to see you there. I’ve no idea what to expect as this is a first – should be interesting!
      Well you have an amazing local/global balance as you see so many people in your Maggies Centre nutrition groups and your blog is such a brilliant resource for your groups and for anyone around the world. I am pretty sure though that you have mastered the art of cloning yourself as I have no idea how you manage to do so much – that is proper busy!


  2. Well Niki that has given me a lot to think about, just as I was about to do all my Christmas shopping online!! Perhaps a little reconnecting wouldn’t be a bad thing, and thanks for the mention I feel very honoured to be included in your list of cyber friends 🙂


    • Thanks Sandra, well I use your blog as an inspirational platform as your art work always gives me a real buzz when I see it.
      I have had so many lovely local experiences recently. I walked into our local shop and luxuriated in the calm space and gorgeous smells. Customers are given a cup of herbal tea to sip while shopping and apart from the products all looking so nice, they are all designed, tested and made in their gardens in Dorset, England – lovely.


  3. So glad to have you back in cyberworld! And thanks for your very kind words about my blog and including me among the chosen few!! I’m spending more and more of my time glued to this blasted screen, afraid that I might miss something if I turn it off for a while! Goggle-eyed cyberjunkie…that’s what my 12 year old called me! And fabulous blue by the way….


  4. I’m delighted to be one of your cyber friends, Niki! And I admit that blue has always been my favorite color… I admire that you tore yourself away from the computer screen. It’s got me to thinking… I’m not sure I could do it!
    Have fun this weekend and sell lots. I’m sure all the blue things will go fast!


  5. Lovely work Nikki. I live rurally and find it hard to not shop online as parking in the nearest town requires a large amount of coins (which I rarely have) – some do have mobile phone parking – but often it doesn’t work. the whole local shopping experience is overshadowed by my fear of running over time and getting a ticket (very zealous wardens in Salisbury). However even online you can be supportive of ‘local’ . I also took some time out from my social media stream (voices in my head) it was lovely to reflect but I missed it;0)


    • Yes, you are so right Juliet about supporting local people on line. I’ve only just got into etsy (I opened a shop yesterday) and I see an enormous amount of beautiful British made crafts. Thanks for reminding me that no everyone lives in a city centre! I think its good to ‘turn off’ now and again, refreshing but I’ve been glued to my screen this week!


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