New Textile Range, ‘Pear Drops’ and ‘Falling Apples’

Isn’t it funny how you can be carrying out a fairly mind numbing chore around the house when, ✳ping, you see something at a certain angle and it sets off the beginnings of a new design?

Well, it was a little group of asymmetric pears that caught my eye this time – I hope you like the end product, soon to be made into scarfs, cushions or any other suggestions you may have!

Pear group

Pear Drops on Silk

‘Pear Drops’ printed on 100% Silk

Big Pear Drop on Poplin

“Big Pear Drops’ on 100% Cotton Poplin

'Falling Apples' printed on 100% Silk

‘Falling Apples’ printed on 100% Silk

I would love to hear what you are working on or what has recently inspired you.

I was thinking of making the silk into scarfs but if you have any other ideas, suggestions welcome!

Have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “New Textile Range, ‘Pear Drops’ and ‘Falling Apples’

  1. Oh, I’d be quite happy with a blouse in that last silk version! With jeans. Haven’t figured out the style though. I love the photo, with that cool light and pretty reflection.


  2. Love the new designs SO much! So fresh and different 😀 I know this sounds weird but I would love you to make them as shower curtains too! Especially the blue pear drops. Sorry if that sounds slightly insulting but shower curtains are so capital D dull and I know I would love to see your textiles hanging where every visitor could see them, and where we could enjoy them everyday. Just a thought… PS This week is hellish for meeting up. It’s like I’ve never been away…


    • That’s a great idea Kellie, thank you! Golly, I would be honoured to be hanging in your bathroom 😉

      Glad you are back safely but shame you have such a full on week – that must be hard with jet lag to contend with too, yikes! Catch you next week xx


  3. Really lovely Niki! I can see a frock in the silk – halter neck, full skirted, long and very swooshy. And I’d love some cushions for the garden in the blue pears (with orange piping). Fabulous stuff! x


    • Thank you, thank you! I love your idea of a swishing swooshy dress, me want!

      I am actually wearing my blue pear drops as I type (in the form of a long scarf…) I feel quite giddy with excitement walking around in my own print!

      …do you take measurements for your dress making via e mail…you got me thinking…?


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