A Fresh Year and I’m Thinking Circles

I look forward to January – the opportunity to start afresh, clear the desk and create some new designs is enticing, and this year, I’m finding geometry, strong shapes and most of all circles of particular interest.

Surely the circle must be the worlds most perfect shape? It’s inclusive, timeless and whole, with an infinite perimeter which also suggests movement – it may simply roll away. I looked around my house and discovered I have inadvertantly been collecting circles for a long time – and I still can’t walk past my Yves Klein poster, Blue Disk bought from the wonderful (and sadly no longer) Habitat store in Edinburgh’s West end, without pausing at the possibilities it extends to anyone who cares to look.

Green Blob

But its obvious isn’t it. We are all drawn towards the circle because it’s one of the first things we see in the sky each day or night.  We are imprinted to love the circle, just as we are with blue, the world’s favourite and most abundant colour. So, I’m thinking, surely the best logo would be a blue circle?! But then I don’t suppose we could all have that…

niki logo


Ok, enough about me and my love of blue circles. Do you have a favourite shape and why? 


4 thoughts on “A Fresh Year and I’m Thinking Circles

  1. The logo does look nice like that! I don’t have a favorite shape – you’re right, the circle is ever-present – I used to be drawn in general to shapes more than colors – tacked on my wall is also an Yves Klein, torn from a magazine, for the color more than the shape – I’m also drawn to the kind of linearity that is akin to writing, calligraphy, winter branches and grasses. Happy New Year to you!


  2. Yep, I love circles too 🙂 I can’t remember exactly when my love of circles started – maybe like you said, we’re all imprinted to love circles. I like the softness of a circle, and how lots of circles together look like bubbles. Maybe reverting back to things I loved from my childhood? Who knows! In case you’re interested, I wrote a blog post about circles way back in 2009: http://design-ties.blogspot.ca/2009/03/hoked-on-circles.html

    Happy New Year Niki!


    • Happy New Year to you too Kelly! I’ve just looked at your circles blog and smiled. We often like the same things, I know you love the aquas and minty greens as I do too. I am so influenced by my surroundings and the older I get the more I notice natural phenomena. Be in touch x


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