Printed and Co. Goes Live!

At 6pm tonight BeFabBeCreative’s brand new Printed & Co will be launched in the Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh.

Printed & Co is a collection of textile designs from ten designers from across the UK. The designs are available to order per metre and can be printed on several natural fabrics such as Fife linen, silk, cotton and bamboo. To celebrate the launch there will be products on display – examples of what can be made from our fabrics.

Party Time, Printed & Co launch is tonight!

Party Time, Printed & Co launch is tonight!

Most of the designers have had interesting commissions already from leading interiors and fashion houses and from public bodies so it gives me enormous pleasure to be included in such a dynamic group of designers.

The company is the brainchild of sisters Solii & Zoe, owners of BeFabBeCreative, a stunningly efficient and accurate digital fabric print bureau.  Seeing the many and varied designs come through their studio, Solii and Zoe, decided to create a platform where designs can be purchased on line.  They have selected ten designers each with their own strong and distinctive style and created Printed & Co – a fresh place to search for fabric for interiors or tailoring.

Please be one of the first to look through the collection Printed and Co fabrics, it is so well curated I am quite certain you will find it an inspiring website to browse. And if you are coming to the launch tonight, don’t forget your ticket!

'Feed the Birds' print on Fife Linen

‘Feed the Birds’ print on Fife Linen

'Punch Holes' in inky blue. Printed on silk and formed into a top.

‘Punch Holes’ in inky blue. Printed on silk and formed into a top.

'Botanical DNA' in inky blue. Printed on Fife Linen

‘Botanical DNA’ in inky blue. Printed on Fife Linen

'Fennel Tangle' Orange printed on silk and formed into a top.

‘Fennel Tangle’ Orange printed on silk and formed into a top.


'Feed the Birds' (multi) printed on Fife linen

‘Feed the Birds’ (multi) printed on Fife linen


4 thoughts on “Printed and Co. Goes Live!

  1. I will have a browse on this exciting new site. You have spoken to me so warmly and enthusiastically about Solii and Zoe over the months, about how helpful and fantastic they are. So pleased that this venture of theirs is off and running. And it is a given that you would be included. Your designs and ideas reflect your commitment to and passion for authentic, thoughtful design. Anybody who sees them – and works with them – knows this is the case. Have a great night tonight. 🙂


  2. Niki! Wow! I’ve just had my morning tea (while it’s quiet and there are no distractions) with the Printed and Co website and what a complete joy! It’s such a great idea to have that direct connection between designer, printer and public. I think I need to get my hands on some of your Botanical DNA….(Have been doing full time garden design course at English Gardening School and am totally distracted so apologies for not being a bit more on the ball – you’ve had some really good blog posts recently…I’ve finally read them!) Cxx


    • Cor Claire, I absolutely love the idea of you having your morning tea and browsing the site with your seamstress eyes! By the way, I was wearing the beautifully made top you made for me at the opening last night and it received lots of admiration 🙂
      LOVE hearing about you doing your gardening course at the English Gardening School. I feel strongly that you will be one of England’s famous garden designers, I’m watching this space. xx


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