Niki I  graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1987 with a Masters of Arts Degree and have since worked in the design industry specifying contemporary furniture, lighting and    art work  for public and private projects around Scotland.

I become increasingly interested in the use of colour as a powerful design tool and went on to design a colour palette, “Fauvism 55″ for VALTTI paints  which was awarded a “Living etc Loves” logo in 2010. I am particularly interested in colour placement and interaction and enjoy designing homewares for my own brand, niki

My blog is about anything that I find of interest but normally revolves around colour, art and design. I always enjoy hearing from you so please feel free to post some comments.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by.

All the best,

Niki Fulton.

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    • Yes, Farrow & Ball is very popular here in the UK and as most of their 132 colours are broken tints they sit well together which gives their customers the confidence to choose colour schemes for themselves. I think their Estate Emulsion works so well because it is flat matt and therefore gives a lovely depth to a wall. Sometimes people forget that it’s not just the colour that they need to think about when buying paint but the ingredients as well. The higher quality paints tend to have more pigment and less water in them (and are heavier if you lift the cans) whereas some of the cheaper paints have a lot of water and nasty binders in them that result in the paint looking shiny when it’s applied – which in turn affects the colour. I knew Farrow & Ball had arrived in USA as I saw one of their showrooms in Soho NYC last year but as it wasn’t quite open I didn’t see their US colour card. I wonder if they have modified the colours for the US market or if it’s the same as the UK colour card? There are of course other high end paints in UK such as Little Greene and Valtti.

    • Hi there! Sorry for delayed response but I’m on hols right now. Your upholstery is holding up perfectly. In fact it looks as good as the day I collected it, thanks. Be in touch when I’ m back, niki :)

  1. Hi, Niki:
    thank you for your kind comment in my blog. I’m glad to have found yours and will folllow you from now onwards. I love your quotation from Johannes Ittem and agree with it: “For a world without colour appears to us as dead”.
    “Colour is life!”

    Isabel de Yzaguirre

  2. Hi Niki: Wow! I’m so glad I came over here, and thank you for commenting on my blog! You’re in Scotland? Well, I think you might be my first Scottish “friend” on the internet: nice to meet you indeed! Are you really just buying locally for Christmas? That is wonderful, and I am sure, difficult to do at times and for certain things. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet (mostly love, I guess…..) and find it just about impossible to unplug. Yes, even on vacation I am plugged in: iPad makes it that much easier.
    Will be in touch soon again!

    • Brilliant! Delighted to be your first Scottish cyber friend :) Yep, I think we all have that love/hate thing going on with the internet, so occasionally I just pull out for a bit and refresh but back on now and i opened an etsy shop yesterday too!

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