Flowers From A Painter

I was given some flowers yesterday by a wonderful family of painters. They obviously spent ages choosing them (they mix their own paint colours for their interior work) and Narcissus Flowers (a flower shop on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street) tied them into a stunning bunch but the individual flowers are so perfect that I have spent the morning carefully pulling out single stems to look at in isolation. The colours, some sharp, some smudged are mouth watering but I’ve also been transfixed by their shapes. I hope you enjoy the images below.


A Perfect Day

Ok, so it’s a little smaller than Westminster Abbey but it does happen to be my favourite little chapel in my favourite place in the world – St.Barbe Chapel perched on a headland in Roscoff, on the North coast of Brittany.

The summer colours of Brittany are fresh and vibrant – the flowers probably somewhat less formal than the ones we shall see today but if you are searching for some crisp clean colours, this is the place to be.

Whether you are getting married or simply having a day off work today I hope you have a perfect day.