Colour Theory Tested

I’ve been keen to produce some designs while experimenting with colour theory.

Pear Drops and Toffee Apples are both designs where I chose analogous colours, i.e hues adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, red and pink for Toffee Apples and green and blue for Pear Drops. As I like simple flat designs, I outlined some of the shapes in black to act as a fence to contain the colours from spreading. You will see where I haven’t done this, the green and blue on the pears blend together and reinforce their similar hue parentage.

Having been blown over by the movement that Sol Le Witt created in his Wall Drawing 1136 I was determined to design something where some physical energy might appear. So for Funky Apple, I butted up complimentary colours i.e opposites on the colour wheel because these are groups of colours that spar beside each other and reinforce their differences causing a perceived vibration which in turn can give a design some energy and movement. As the colour bands are almost circular, I hope your eye will be taken on a journey around the apple.

Before I get too theoretical, there is always a danger in applying theory directly into designs, and almost always a bad idea getting too theoretical when selecting interior paint colours as there are far too many other factors to consider in a space, my final design is simply because I like vegetation and I was keen to see it on a natural linen back ground.

The cushions are all 40 cm square and printed with pigment inks onto a linen cotton blend and will be appearing in my etsy shop soon.

It’s a fabulous sunny bank holiday weekend here in Edinburgh so I’m off to prepare a picnic, with plenty cushions to sit on…

Sand, Grasses and a Golf Resort

I’ve spoken many times about seeking inspiration from natural environments and how we tend to have a natural affinity to either the deep earthy colours of forests, or the subtle washed- out colours of beaches or punchy man-made colours of an industrial landscape. Well, as I spend a lot of time collecting colour references from beaches around Scotland I was particularly keen to see the film You’ve Been Trumped which documents the process that led to a golf resort being built on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on the Menie Estate just North of Aberdeen.

The resort which is currently under construction has been developed on an extensive natural dune system, home to numerous birds, deer and marram grass and home to several local families whose homes are under threat of Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

The film which was part of Edinburgh’s Take One Film Festival speaks for itself and I will not attempt to wade into any arguments for or against the resort but I would urge you to look out for the film and make your own mind up about the development.

I would also urge you to look out for the beautiful song inspired by the film, “Cover Your Eyes” that singer and song writer Karine Polwart composed and performed with her brother Steven at the opening of the film in Edinburgh’s Filmhouse.

The film is directed by Anthony Baxter .