Always Room for Stripes

Why are stripes so alluring?

From the Inca Civilization with their rainbow flag to Bridget Riley & Jim Lambie and the nautical Breton stripes that appear without fail in our clothes shop each Spring what is it about stripes that we find so attractive?

Is it the fact that it “orders” colour in a way that is manageable to us? After all we have been trying to order colour since Aristotle’s, (often referred to as “The Grand Father of Colour”), theory. Or perhaps it’s just that we are all intrinsically drawn towards colour itself and seeing uncluttered blocks or stripes of beautiful colours are enough to produce an emotional response. Personally, I think it’s the response we get when we see two or more colours interacting together – an interesting colour combination evokes the same response as a great combination of musical notes or a recipe with the perfect combination of ingredients.

We just like looking at colour and if it’s not complicated by pattern or illustration, it’s easy to digest and has an instant appeal.

Well whatever the attraction is, I can’t get enough of them and I think it’s a form that will last for ever.